Recent suicide statistics showed that 9% of all teenage deaths are due to suicide. An alarming one in every twelve adolescents have attempted suicide at least once. All these sound clear warning bells that, “our children are in crisis”.

School counsellors are no longer a part of the school staff due to South Africa’s HIV/AIDS crisis - they have become teachers themselves.

We are one of the few organisations prepared to go to exceptional lengths to ensure that educators and learners get the information they need and that sustainable support is available in their community. We need to ensure that both educators and learners know how to identify depression as well as potential suicide cases and have intervention plans in place.

Currently in South Africa there are no teenage suicide prevention programmes besides ours and no support groups where young children can go for immediate help, but with grants, we have the resources to make a difference to these horrendous statistics.

The SADAG designed the “Suicide Shouldn’t be a Secret” programme to serve one of the most vulnerable, yet difficult-to-reach groups in the community. This includes youth aged between 7 and 19 years of age, who may lack stable homes, role models and for whom obtaining employment appears to be an almost unreachable dream.

By providing assistance and help to South African schools we are making a massive contribution to the potential of our country as a whole, since youth are the future of any country. Education, awareness and recognition are the cornerstones of a mentally healthy society.

To find out more about this programme please contact 011 783 1474.