Many South African's live with Depression and Anxiety affecting their relationships, work and family. Mental Illness, such as Depression and Anxiety, affects the way you think, feel, act and behave. But so many people don't know what treatment or self help tips could help them ‎cope and take back control of their lives. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an effective therapy empowering the patient with practical tools and tips to help them feeling better after just a few sessions. To learn more about CBT, SADAG is giving you an opportunity to get more info & ask top experts about the  treatment technique via Facebook Friday online chat tomorrow.
“With CBT, specific protocols have been designed and are flexibly applied to different problems, based on the individual. It is evidence based and the contemporary choice of treatment worldwide” - says Psychologist Dr Shane Pienaar.
“CBT supports patients through the dark parts before medication kicks in, helps them learn new coping skills and find ways of making changes. With Depression, it’s often difficult to make decisions, CBT promotes a safe space to think aloud and get good guidance on a realistic way forward – patients are able to plan the practical steps which makes all the difference” – says Psychologist Dr Colinda Linde.
CBT has a variety of benefits - they are short term based and require fewer sessions than other forms of therapy. The emphasis is on the patient getting better and allows a patient to take control of their emotions. It can also be used in conjunction with medication upon the recommendation of a Psychiatrist. CBT involves clearly defined goals & techniques that patients can practice in their journey to manage mental health problems.
This Facebook Friday Q&A aims to allow people to have access to a CBT therapist to further understand how the therapy can help them and how effective it can be. Experts will share useful self-help tips on how this form of therapy can be used to treat various mental health problems. The chats are open to everyone from anywhere in South Africa.
Facebook Users can access the chat to ask the experts any questions they may have on CBT and mental health problems at 1pm in the afternoon and then again at 7pm in the evening.
The stages of CBT:

Clinical Psychologist Dr Shane Pienaar will be chatting in the afternoon at 1pm – 2pm; she is based at the Denmar Psychiatric Hospital in Pretoria. The evening chat will be at 7pm – 8pm with Clinical Psychologist Dr Colinda Linde from The CBT Group in Hurlingham, Sandton
To join the chats, LIKE SADAG’s Facebook Page: The South African Depression and Anxiety Group. Facebook users that would like to remain anonymous can send a private message to SADAG and we will ask on your behalf.
SADAG offers free telephonic counselling, information and referral services nationwide. For more information on CBT, Depression and Anxiety disorders please call a counsellor on tollfree helpline  0800 12 13 14 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Or for online videos, brochures and article go to‎
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