“My experience at SADAG has been a great opportunity to learn so many new things. I’ve learnt about poverty and the effects it has on mental health and helping people who have no money, to name a few. Working at SADAG has effected my life in a positive way and it has increased my confidence to talk in front of people,” says Katrina.

The most challenging thing that Kat had to do whilst at SADAG was trying to get the message across to kids that don’t want the message during the substance abuse school talks. But her most memorable moment is realizing the people at the Baragwaneth Hospital support group had become friends outside the group. “That was really great, and a good feeling,” says Katrina.

Katrina says, “SADAG has inspired me to push for things in life, and not settle for just anything. I’m working towards my studies as a clinical psychologist and I will continue in the future to push for more help, more funding and more sponsorship for the NGO back home.” After 7 months, Katrina says her final goodbyes and leaves her SADAG experience. “SADAG is diverse in what you deal with and the opportunities it offers are vast. You get the opportunity to help a variety of people in a number of ways.”