Mental Illness doesn't go on holiday and neither does SADAG

Christmas is fast approaching and we humbly ask you for your help. Mental Health issues do not take a holiday, and neither does SADAG. We are open throughout the year, 365 days, a year (even Christmas and New Years) to help people with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma and Suicide attempts. During the festive season, although many patients are away, the number of calls do not decrease.

People from all over South Africa contact our Helplines to receive support and help, even if their Mental Health professionals are away. Therefore we need your help. Whether with donations, time, or volunteering, there are various ways you can help support SADAG this festive season.

Donate this festive season

SADAG get more calls from people who are very lonely, but also from people who are grieving and may be having their first Christmas without their partner, child or family member.

Some have recently gone through a traumatic event such as a sexual abuse, loss of a loved one, becoming unemployed, or are experiencing financial difficulties. There are many reasons that people experience Depression, Anxiety or Trauma over the festive season – and they, too, reach out for help.

Over the last few months, SADAG has seen an influx of calls to the Suicide Crisis Helplines and it is important that we have enough donations to help fund the lines, as we are a NGO and our Helplines are not funded by The Department of Health.

Here are a few things your donations could pay for.

▪ R50 will enable us to help five callers with their Mental Health problems.
▪ R100 will enable us to post 25 brochures and information packs to callers who have contacted the Helpline.
▪ R500 will allow us to print new brochures.
▪ R1 000 will help us train additional SADAG counsellors for the Call Centre.
▪ R8 000 will cover the cost of one School Talk Teen Suicide Prevention.

Your support will ensure that every caller who contacts the SADAG Helpline will receive both the counselling and referrals necessary.


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