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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation, a Registered Section 21 , with an 18A tax exemption. SADAG is the leading voice of patient advocacy in the Mental Health sector, working in urban, peri-urban and the most rural isolated communities across South Africa.

SADAG is at the forefront of increasing psychosocial education and training at various levels which involves the training of support group leaders, peer counsellors in our offices, and progressing the training and development of recognised mental health counsellors..

SADAG has on its Board a powerful team of patients, psychiatrists and psychologists. It was established 26 years ago to serve as a support network for many thousands of South Africans who live with mental health problems, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety and Schizophrenia and other associated disorders such as HIV/AIDS, TB and Substance Abuse with Mental Health Issues.. Currently, it is estimated that one in three people in South Africa will, or do, suffer from a mental illness at some point in their life.

SADAG also helps to facilitate 200 Support Groups nationwide. These are run by patients for patients and offer a safe place for people living with mental health illnesses to share, network, connect and provide information on how they cope each day. The Support Groups are run once a week or once a month and there are currently groups for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Post-Natal Depression and Substance Abuse. Many of the groups run meetings in areas that have little or no access to mental health providers which provides a bridge to treatment and offers patients and their loved ones after-care support.

SADAG manages a 30 line counselling and referral call centre for all 9 provinces in South Africa, for the population of 55Million with an extensive database of state and private health care facilities, providers, practitioners as well as counselling centres, other non-government organisations, rehabilitation centres, shelters, doctors, social workers, and mental health professionals.

The call centre receives 600 calls per day from people throughout the country needing help and referrals for various mental health issues.. SADAG also runs the only Suicide Crisis Call Centre offering crisis intervention and help for people who are threatening or attempting suicide. Our helplines are manned by over 150 volunteers, seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the week including public holidays.

We also have 10 lines working through the night, on toll free lines.

Your support will ensure that every caller who contacts the SADAG Helpline will receive both the counselling and referrals necessary.


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