1. What recommendations can I expect if I go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other professional for treatment of adult ADHD?
2. What treatments are best for adults with ADHD?
3. Aside from adult ADHD medications, what else can I do to reduce my ADHD symptoms? What about exercise and diet?
4. What are the side possible side effects of ADHD drugs?
5. Are there any herbal supplements or over-the-counter drugs to take or avoid if I take medication for ADHD?
6. Will adult ADHD treatment stigmatize me?
7. How long should adult ADHD treatments continue?
8. Where can I find emotional support for my family and for me?
9. Can I take medication for ADHD if I become pregnant?
10. Where can I find out about clinical trials I could participate in as an adult with ADHD?