Child bullying is when one child picks on another child repeatedly; it can be physical, verbal or over the internet and social media.


The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) project manager, Naazia Ismail, said one needs to be confident and not show bullies your weakness.

“Bullies prey for power, and some family factors such as lack of attention, warmth, modelling of aggressive behaviour at home and poor supervision lead to bullying,” she explained.

According to a survivor of bullying, who didn’t want to be named due to safety concerns, the bullying he experienced as a teen was at the hands of his peers in school.

“I believe I was bullied for being a top achiever, as I would always get awards,” said the Crystal Park resident.

“I thought school was the safest place to be, but the teasing and downright hatred to which I was subjected got worse and worse every day.

“I felt worthless; luckily, I had a family and friends who were in my corner.”

The Crystal Park resident added that the support he got from his family gave him courage to stand up and open up about the bullying.

“When you experience bullying, you don’t have to feel sorry yourself, the problem is not with you it’s within them,” he said.

SADAG provided the following information to educate pupils on factors of bullying

Bullying happens in different forms, such as:

Bullies target others who:

Tips to avoid being bullied: