On Friday, 12 May 2017, SADAG celebrated International Nurses Day in Diepsloot.

To commemorate this special day SADAG in partnership with Janssen bought cakes for the nurses at O.R.Tambo Clinic in Extension 2 and for the nursing team at the Diepsloot South Clinic in Extension 7. They were also given individual “Nursing Badges” to commend them for the valuable services that they offer, sometimes under very difficult and demanding conditions.

This year the theme for International Nurses Day was “Voices that Lead”. This is very true of the community of Diepsloot especially when it comes to matters of health-care. Diepsloot has more than 300 000 people living in the community and has 2 clinics that primarily deals with the health-care needs of the people living in and around this bustling township.

nurses 2017
Staff at Diepsloot South Clinic in Extension 7, Diepsloot with Anne and Nono from SADAG-Janssen Counselling Container

The O.R.Tambo clinic sees over 9000 patients per month and the Diepsloot South Clinic sees over 6000 patients per month. However due to space restrictions no psychiatric services are offered at the 2 clinics in Diepsloot and that means that patients need to be referred to Witkoppen Clinic, Randburg Clinic, Helen Joseph Hospital or Charlotte Maxeke Hospital to get their medication.

According to Sister Florence, the Operations Manager at Diepsloot South Clinic, “We would like to expand our services but our infrastructure is limited, and we are very happy that we can refer our patients needing counselling to SADAG to help them with their mental-health needs.”

nurses 2017 2

Staff at O.R.Tambo Clinic in Extension 2, Diepsloot with Anne and Nono from the SADAG-Janssen  Counselling Container.

According to Sister Mary, the Operations Manager at O.R.Tambo Clinic, “We try to accommodate as many patients per day and we have a very committed and dedicated team in Diepsloot.”

SADAG is thankful for the presence and dedication of the nurses in Diepsloot and as an NGO that promotes mental and primary health care needs, we believe that together we can do more for the patients and for the community. SADAG offers free face-to face counselling for community members of Diepsloot and if you would like further information please contact Anne on 011 – 234 4837 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.