1 in 4 employees in South Africa have been diagnosed with Depression. With job shortages, a tight economy and everyday pressures surrounding us stress is a key factor in the workplace. There’s never been a time where Anxiety, Stress and Depression has been more prevalent than today. SADAG is hosting a Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop on 16th August in Randburg, equipping HR Directors and Mangers as well as Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) managers on how to deal with Mental Health In the workplace. By attending this workshop employers can better arm their employeeswith the tools to combat stress and anxiety in the workplace.
“Depression affects cognitive functions such as decision making, concentration, memory and problem solving abilities. Depression negatively impacts on productivity. If an employee has depression and is at work, they are 5 times less productive than an employee who is absent due to depression,” says Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Frans Korb.
Operations Director of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), Cassey Chambers, says: “On average, people with depression took 18 days of work due to their depression in South Africa. This is one of the reasons why it’s vital to examine how depression is managed in the workplace and what procedures are in place to ensure that affected employees are encouraged to and supported in seeking treatment.”
On Wednesday 16th August in Randburg, SADAG is bringing together mental health professionals and leaders in this field to talk about the latest research and findings on topics such as, Depression in the Workplace, Stress Management ,Understanding Medical Aids, Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) and Mental Health Rights in the Workplace. Our professionals include, Psychiatrist Dr Frans Korb, Lawyer Peter Strashiem, Advocate Kurt Worral-Clare and Clinical Psychologist Dr Colinda Linde.

For more information about the workshop and how to book your seat, call Justine on 011 234 4837.
Making Mental Health Matters – even in the workplace!

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