The SADAG Call Centre answers up to 600 calls a day and handles hundreds of emails, SMS’s, Facebook, and Twitter posts. SADAG, now in its 25th year of running an 20 line call centre for callers dealing with all Mental Health issues, including running the country’s only Suicide Helpline. SADAG is in need of more volunteer telephone Counsellors. The need for more people on our shifts, is due to the massive publicity over the past few months which has led to an increase in calls to the call centre on a daily basis.

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New volunteers attend a 2 day Training Workshop which will be taking place on 29th of September & 6th of October 2018. The training also includes 12 onsite sessions in the call center while working with senior counsellors.

After 25 years callers are no longer fearful of stigma around mental health which has previously prevented many people, particularly males from contacting us.

“Working on the evening shifts, after a day at work, by helping other people who have problems by giving advice, referrals and someone they can confide in is so rewarding for me. “Said R. (Male 60+) who has been volunteering for over 3 years.

Our Shifts are a choice from 8am to 12pm, 12pm to 4pm or 4pm to 8pm, seven days a week.

SADAG currently has over 140 volunteer counselors who give their time, skills, and support to people who need assistance, guidance and referrals in dealing with various mental health issues such as Depression, Bipolar, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Panic, and Suicidal thoughts, all of which our counsellors are trained to help with. They even help patients on the phone after a traumatic event, like a Rape, Accidents and Violence which may assist them with being admitted to an appropriate hospital for treatment.

Many of our counsellors have had Depression or PTSD themselves and now feel stronger to help other people because they can better understand what they are going through. “SADAG gives me the opportunity to give a Positive impact on other people’s lives, I believe we touch many people through our help and the messages I give, I strive to show empathy and direction on every call” says B.( 27 year old, Female).

If you are interested in volunteering at SADAG, one must be a mature, kind and patient individual who is be based In JHB and willing to commit to a 4hr shift per week. Call Center Manager, Vanishaa says “following the recent suicides SADAG are in desperate need of more trainee counsellors who will be passionate volunteers and are willing to dedicate a little time to helping others”.

For more information on volunteering at SADAG or for a volunteer counsellor application form, download the form at – Just click on the link under the VOLUNTEER section to the Left Hand Side of the web page. Or call 0800 70 80 90 and speak to Michelle.