Despite concerns about the response that would be elicited from a small town where familiar faces are encountered daily, he National Anxiety Screening Day held countrywide on October 10th, was both well received and supported by the Newcastle community.

After having set up the Awareness Day stand in Newcastle, Patty and other local members of the Depression and Anxiety Support Group armed themselves with loads of literature and took the initiative to approach people directly to discuss the Anxiety disorders. Literature and information were gladly received, with about 1000 pamphlets covering Depression and the different Anxiety Disorders having been handed out during the day.

The screening tests proved to be very informative and many people potentially suffering the Anxiety disorders were referred to professionals for diagnosis and treatment. The general public are not well informed about Anxiety Disorders and the fact that help and support is readily available. The relief seen on people’s faces upon realising they are not alone was well worth the time and effort invested in the Screening Day.