There is no sname in feeling panicky, seek help...

TWO-THIRDS of people with panic disorder will never seek help because of stigma and fear, a study by Professor Dan Stein at the University of Cape Town has shown.
He found that 15.8% of 4 351 adults interviewed in various parts of South Africa suffered from the disorder.
The SA Depression and Anxiety Group says panic is twice as common in women as in men. For women, the average age of onset is during their early 20s, while for men it is in their 40s.
Panic disorder can also affect children and the elderly, and it affects people of all races and socio-economic groups.

Recent research shows that there is a strong genetic or hereditary component that predisposes people to panic. Symptoms of panic disorder include a racing heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizziness, trembling and fear that you?re going to go crazy or are about to die. Attacks can be triggered by stressful life events, but can also occur ?out of the blue?.
Untreated, panic can have severe consequences ? up to 30% of people with panic disorder abuse alcohol, 17% abuse drugs, and up to 20% attempt suicide.
The good news is panic disorder is highly treatable and most often very effectively, says the founder of the SA Depression and Anxiety Group, Zane Wilson.
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