Learn to beat Depression, Anxiety and Social Phobia …

world-renowned Psychologist to present information in Durban

Problems related to anxiety and depression are the most common emotional disorders in adolescents, and can produce serious difficulties and interfere in a child’s life and development. This is a particular problem in South Africa, where the very high incidence of violence and crime increase the seriousness of these and other mental conditions, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Phobia.

Anxiety, Depression and Social Phobia are serious, debilitating conditions which cause significant distress and seriously undermine quality of life and productivity of sufferers. While Anxiety and Depression generally develop in later life, Social Phobia typically presents in mid-teenage years, and results in the withdrawal of sufferers from any events or situations which may involve scrutiny or social contact.

The greatest obstacle in the way of providing appropriate diagnoses, encouraging successful treatment and offering the necessary support for those suffering from any of the anxiety disorders remains ignorance. As a result, the Depression and Anxiety Support Group will be bringing a world-renowned expert in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions to South Africa, to present a series of workshops and talks. Dr Ronald Rapee, a Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Sydney’s Macquarie University, will discuss the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment of social phobia, and of anxiety and depression in adolescents.

An invitation is extended to the public to attend the afternoon workshop, which will be focusing on the identification and treatment of depression and anxiety in adolescents. The session will be of particular interest to those working with adolescents in education and social welfare, where information provided will allow for easier recognition of depression and anxiety, as well as appropriate intervention and support. The workshop will be held in Durban on Wednesday, 27th October 1999 at The Durban Light Infantry Hall, Greyville Racecourse, with registration commencing at 2:00 p.m. A delegate fee of R150 will be charged

Dr Rapee is highly recognised as an authority in the field of Anxiety, Depression and Social Phobia, and has published seven consumer and academic books, two of which will be available for sale at the workshop. He currently runs a clinic in Australia, specialising in the treatment of depression, anxiety and social phobia.